Start enjoying the benefits a uniform can bring to your business now

For over 30 years Devon Clothing, a proudly Australian family business, has been a leading corporate uniform designer, manufacturer and supplier.

Are your staff easily identifiable in the workplace? This is one of the 5 tell-tale signs that your company is ready for a branded corporate uniform.

Corporate uniforms play a vital role in workplaces or office settings (e.g. customer service) – now more than ever. Management is identifying the surprising benefits and value a corporate uniform can bring to their business, no matter what industry or size. These benefits range from maintaining a professional image to creating a lasting impression on customers. A well-branded uniform can also impact positively on employees alone. Some key advantages include:

  • Staff morale and equality
  • Professionalism
  • Team building
  • Increased customer service
  • A sense of belonging

Devon Clothing, a proudly Australian family business, has been a leading corporate uniform designer, manufacturer and supplier for over 30 years. Our reputation has been built on establishing long-term relationships based on our product quality, trust, integrity, reliability and consistently exceeding supply expectations. Based in Adelaide, we also provide uniforms solutions to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and other regions of Australia.

When it comes to corporate work wear, we place an emphasis on quality, durability and outstanding service. Given our extensive experience as corporate uniform suppliers, we can design and manufacture corporate uniforms and work attire for a broad range of industries including:

  • Healthcare uniforms (medical, nursing, aged care uniforms)
  • Hotel uniforms
  • Hospitality uniforms (cafes and chef uniforms)
  • Office uniforms
  • Corporate Apparel

With innovative design, use of practical durable fabrics, and cost-effective production techniques, Devon Clothing is versatile and flexible to tailor outstanding corporate work wear for today. So, whether you are seeking a medical uniform or a hospitality uniform, our wide product range and custom sizes are suitable for varying industries. Combined with a personalised service, we ensure the colours and style reflect your company’s vision and overall design. This allows your staff to feel comfortable and confident in the work environment.

As part of a corporate uniform services, we also supply high quality custom embroidered uniforms commonly found on works shirts, polo shirts and work jackets. Businesses are increasingly choosing embroidered shirts or jackets to enhance their corporate image and to make themselves easily identifiable.

If you would like to see how we can help unlock the uniform potential within your company, feel free to contact us. You can also download Thinking New Corporate Uniforms? Where to Start free eBook, which is a comprehensive guide to help you successfully implement a new uniform solution for your company.


Our custom uniforms can help your business to:

  • Project a consistent professional image, and
  • Signal that you care about quality and service.


Customers perceive employees who wear custom uniforms or branded apparel as being:

  • More knowledgeable, and
  • More competent concerning the products and services their businesses offer.


We understand that each industry and company has different requirements.
Allow us to work with you to unlock the uniform potential within your company through:

  • A clear understanding of your needs, and
  • Developing a customised design solution.


We have multiple supply options available including retail and wholesale. With the wholesale options, you can

  • Order bulk purchases, and
  • Have Devon Clothing hold stock and deliver from our store.


If you qualify for our retail option, you can outsource your uniform to us, meaning:

  • You don’t have the responsibility of storing any stock and we carry the financial load,
  • Your staff can come into our retail stores to be fitted out by our expert staff, we can charge your staff directly or to your account, or
  • Order through our online store and goods can be collected in-store or shipped Australia wide.


The sophisticated ordering systems within Devon Clothing means you can have:

  • Automated stock control through a barcode system
  • Automated reordering (so you never run out of stock)
  • Full reporting, and
  • A dedicated account manager.


Thinking Corporate Uniforms? Where to Start

Devon Clothing supply corporate uniforms and apparels from simple embroidered polo shirts through to complete work uniforms.