Healthcare Uniforms

Devon Clothing design and manufacture custom uniforms for healthcare professionals and staff of, aged care, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing and other allied health professionals.

Implementing a stylish and functional uniform is essential in communicating a professional image to patients as well as allowing staff to work effectively. Devon Clothing can help your business achieve this goal and support you through this process.

Staff wearing medical uniform

Our medical workwear services include:

  • Men’s and women’s scrubs
  • Custom embroidered work tops
  • Jackets
  • Polos
  • Jumpers, Cardigans and Vests
  • Pants/skirts, dresses

Devon Clothing’s considerations when designing a medical uniform for healthcare professionals are listed below.

Creating first impressions

First impressions are crucial and often begin for your patients in the waiting area when they meet your reception and administration staff. Therefore, it is important for all staff to be maintaining a professional look in the correct attire. A well-designed embroidered uniform for practitioners will signal to patients about the care they’re going to receive and the type of practitioner you are. Creating a great first impression will help make your patients feel as if they are in great hands.


A clean professional healthcare uniform expresses to the patients that the medical care will be to the same high standard. Providing your staff with a well-designed, fitted and branded uniform, ensures your team always looks professional and represents your practice well.

Your branding

A well-designed healthcare uniform is an essential part of work and brand building for any medical related field. It is important to understand how you want your brand to be positioned in the industry and how you want your current and potential patients to perceive your practice? For instance, are you a high-end practice, friendly and serviceable physio or highly hands on care facility? Does your uniform reflect the style of your practice? Devon Clothing helps you to reinforce your brand, which matches your décor, service and style. We understand that medical uniforms are an immediate front face for the organisation, therefore it is important to have a uniform that reflects your positioning. Uniforms also communicate to patients and clients who the practitioners are, and what roles staff play in the organisation.

We understand medical practitioners and staff often work around the clock. Therefore, we design healthcare uniforms that not only look stylish and professional, though are also comfortable, flexible and easy to launder.

If you are thinking of implementing a uniform solution for your medical practice and don’t know where to start, contact the experts at Devon Clothing. We take the stress away in the decision-making process and have a great understanding of work needs and requirements.