31st March 2020


The spread of COVID-19 has been dominating the news topic of 2020 and we recognise it is critical for us to prepare adequately to respond as COVID-19 continues to develop both in Australia and indeed globally.


Just an update on what Devon are doing in light of recent events, we have looked to make some common-sense initiatives to fall in line with government and industry advice.


Effective immediately, we will make the following changes to our business operations at our retail stores as well as school specific uniform shops.

  • Retail Stores
    • All stores are currently closed until at least Sunday April 19
    • An important aspect to the above reduction in contact time Devon will promote online ordering as much as possible. As part of this, we will be offering a reduction in postage or delivery fees to the customer.


  • Sales Staff
    • All staff who can practically work from home, we will ask them to stay home and limit face to face contact with customers, and suppliers.
    • All dialogue will be via email or telephone unless it is deemed a business-critical meeting
    • Our onsite shop closures could also be affected by government instructed school closures, to date has not happened, but we will continue to monitor closely.


  • Office staff
    • All staff who can practically work from home, we will ask them to stay home and limit face to face contact with other staff, customers, and suppliers. As the situation is developing so quickly, we will monitor this work from home policy on a weekly basis and advise accordingly.


Devon have adopted social distancing in the workplace as follows:

  • Stop handshaking
  • Hold meetings via video conferencing or phone calls
  • Defer large face-to-face meetings
  • Hold essential meetings outside in the open air (if possible and video/phone not suitable)
  • Promote good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene and utilise hand sanitisers
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly
  • Consider opening windows and doors to the outside and adjusting air conditioning for more ventilation

Our thoughts are with those heavily affected by coronavirus (beyond the inconveniences and frustrations at our supermarkets) nationally and internationally, particularly to those in the upper age brackets who are particularly vulnerable and to those from less fortunate countries where our health system (although not perfect) is envied.