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I was recently talking to a medical specialist who told me that one of their patients left the last specialist they were with because the magazines in the waiting room were too old. “If they can’t be bothered buying magazines from this decade what will the care be like?” It was simply the only way they could judge the practice.

So, for anyone in the medical industry, uniforms provide an opportunity for you to create a first impression of what your care is going to be like and how good a practitioner you are.

Thinking Corporate Uniforms?
Where To Start

So now you have decided you want new uniforms for my medical centre. But it’s so hard, where do I start? So many options out there! These are common first thoughts but don’t be overwhelmed, as you read below you will soon realise it will be worth the time and effort and your business will benefit greatly from the investment. Medical, including dentistry, aged care, physiotherapy and other allied health are busy and professional work places so implement a stylish and functional uniform that communicates this to your clients. A well-designed medical uniform is now really an essential part of work and brand building for any medical related field.


A large part of brand building (or call it reputation building) relies on imagery and the way in which your staff are perceived by patients and potential patients. Are you a high-end practice, friendly and serviceable physio or highly hands on care facility? Understand your brand and where you want to position yourself. Does your uniform reflect the style of practice? If so we are part way there. To reinforce your brand, we will need a uniform to match your décor, service and style. Medical uniforms are an immediate front face for the organisation, therefore it is so important to have a uniform that reinforces your brand. They also communicate to patients and clients who are the practitioners, and what roles staff play in the organisation.

It is quite amazing how your brand can spread simply by people seeing the uniform and brand name in the street. If your staff go out for lunch in a shopping centre, then everyone in the centre gets a taste of what you practice is like. Don’t leave this to chance.

Uniform style

You will need to consider which pieces of clothing are going to make up your new uniform. In some cases, an embroidered polo will be enough to boost the image of your practice. for others, it will require a more formal button through shirt or even a specially selected tunic for the practitioners. Taking your image into consideration, will a plain white tunic work? Or do you now need an embroidered stylish formal shirt? For high end practices, you will find that a more tailored shirt or custom designed button through top will better suit your image.


A well designed embroidered uniform will look amazing and give that all important professional first impression. Further to this the uniform must be functional. For the medical industry, it means considerations like:

Pockets and buttons – are the needed or a hindrance
Easy care – fabrics for your uniform need to be able to be laundered and cared for easily as you know they take a beating from stains and odours
Microbial resistant – does the material you select resist microbial infection
Available in men’s and ladies fit so they suit and fit a range of body shapes
Flexibility – as medical personnel need to be able to move to do their jobs properly
Comfort – there is nothing more distracting to practitioners that uncomfortable clothing
Essentially your uniforms need to be as hard working as your business and team.

Reception and administration staff

Will your reception and administration staff need a uniform? Yes, is the answer. They will be the people your patients first see when they enter your organisation. A clean professional uniform tells the patients that the medical care will be to the same high standard.

Providing your staff with a well-designed uniform that fits with your branding and reputation ensures your reception and admin team always look professional and represent your practice well. A well put together uniform speaks to the patient in a way that gives them confidence in your practice and the services you are offering.

For more information, you can download the free Thinking Corporate Uniforms? Where To StarteBook, or feel free to contact us.

Thinking Uniforms? Where To Start

Devon Clothing supply branded medical uniforms, including aged care uniforms, dentist uniforms, clinic uniforms, nurse uniforms and more.

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