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It is said we should never judge a book by its cover. However, human nature being what it is we all tend to judge on appearance. So, think of a well-designed custom corporate uniform being like the cover to your brand.

What first impressions come to mind when you enter a business that has the employees dressed in a work uniform? Here’s one; professionalism. Do you get a good feeling about that business?

Below are four good reasons your customer service will improve by implementing a corporate uniform.  

Branded uniforms

Surprising Benefits A Corporate Uniform
Can Bring To Your Company

1. Staff are easily recognisable
As a customer or client there is nothing more frustrating than entering a business and wasting time trying to find someone to help you. An easily identifiable staff member cuts out this frustration and gets you onto the task at hand whether it be buying that perfect gift, sourcing out information or getting advice on a product. By something as easy as having your staff in a corporate uniform, you have just increased your level of customer service.

2. First impressions
Let’s face it, some of us don’t have a handle on what corporate wear is all about and how to do it well. Providing your staff with a well-designed branded uniform that fits with your branding strategy ensures your customer service team always look professional and represent your brand well. A well put together uniform speaks to the customer in a way that gives them confidence in your brand and the products or services you are offering.

3. Generates customer trust
Following on from first impressions the uniform with your logo can help instil a sense of trust and credibility in your customers and clients. Those in the service industry will also find that perceptions are raised as employees work more professionally with uniforms on. It’s a psychological effect of wearing custom logoed uniforms that will make your employees feel more like they are the face of your brand. Ultimately this builds up trust in the relationship between your business and your clients.

4. Staff morale
Corporate uniforms help to bond individuals with their fellow teammates. Every person working at any form of business wants to feel like they belong to a strong and successful team. Corporate uniforms make employees feel valued, needed and motivated to be more productive. By increasing the team’s productivity, you will in turn see a higher level of customer service.

For all your uniform needs trust Devon Clothing. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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