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You have decided your business needs a new corporate uniform. So where do you start? What do you need to look for? Fair questions, selecting a corporate uniform or a branded corporate uniform will take time and it needs to be carefully considered though it is not as daunting as you may think. At Devon Clothing, we can make this an exciting, easy and enjoyable experience.

Below we have listed five key factors to consider when looking at uniform options.  

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Surprising Benefits A Corporate Uniform
Can Bring To Your Company

1. Understand who will wear the uniform
When you start this process, be clear as to which team members will wear the work uniform and what their actual job entails. Different jobs may require different forms of a workwear in the one company. For example, the same work trousers may work for the customer serviceteam and the warehouse team, however the embroidered shirt requirements could be different. You may want the customer service team to be in logoed business shirts while the warehouse crew need something with stretch and high visibility. Take the time to talk to your employees about their needs in a work uniform as they are likely to be the ones spending the most time in them.

2. Quality
You will have heard the saying “quality remains long after the price tag has been forgotten”. Quality will come in many forms, from the material selection to the cut and fit of the garments to the type of decoration.

Quality does come at a cost, however, remember you need your uniforms to be well designed to suit the task at hand. You want to select the best quality fabric you can afford so that the garments maintain their shape and look for years to come. A poorly fitted garment or cheap fabric can be detrimental to your brand, by portraying your brand image as unpolished and showing a lack of care. Understand the different forms of decoration as embroidered logos are generally more expensive than screen printing, however, they last longer and will always look as sharp as the day they were done.

3. Design
After understanding who will wear the work uniform and what their requirements are to most effectively perform their tasks, we need to look at design options. Uniforms that fit well and feel good mean that your employees can concentrate on their job, and don’t spend time adjusting ill-fitting clothing. Body shapes come in all sorts of sizes so it is important to consider the design of the work attire. Will the selected silhouette suit my employees? Can we get our uniform in a large range of sizes? Will the design of the uniform reinforce what my company brand is all about? Will my core range successfully expand with accessories or additional garment pieces over time?

4. Style longevity
We all love to keep up with fashion trends, and by all means do so for your out of work wardrobe, though when it comes to a branded corporate uniform classic styles work best. Last thing you want to do is invest good money into new uniform only to find it out of date in one year. If you stick with timeless silhouettes and colours, your corporate uniform will have more staying power.

5. Materials
It is of great importance that your corporate uniforms are functional as well as fashionable. You want to ensure your employees can move around comfortably, and the uniforms will maintain a sharp appearance. It is very important to consider the different types of materials on offer and the pros and cons for each. For example, 100% cotton is cool to wear but it also requires ironing and dark colours fade over time. Consider the material’s properties and then how that impacts the employees’ ability to care for the garment. You want the corporate integrity of the uniform to be maintained each day by all staff members. As most of us are time poor these days can my uniform be washed in the machine or do I need to specially hand wash it? Does this material feel comfortable to wear? Will this fabric require dry cleaning? Does this material need ironing?

For all your uniform needs trust Devon Clothing. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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