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No matter what kind of industry you are in having a branded corporate uniform is an important part of your marketing approach. One of the ways you can put this to work for your business is by providing employees with work uniforms that feature your company logo. Logo-branded, corporate uniforms have been shown to be a cost-effective measure to boost your image, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

So, the idea of a uniform appeals though what is the real value in implementing one in my company? It’s going to cost my company money so how can I be sure it is worth the time and expense?

We have outlined five key reasons your company should invest in a corporate uniform.  

Corporate uniforms

Surprising Benefits A Corporate Uniform
Can Bring To Your Company

1. Professionalism
They say you never get a second chance to make a fist impression. What better way to make a positive first impression without even speaking. Just like having a website and a good-looking business card a uniformed staff member gives a sense of professionalism. It reinforces this company means business and knows what they are doing. It sets your company apart from competitors in your marketspace.

2. Increased customer service
When a client or customer enters your business, they will see that staff are easily identifiable so it automatically eliminates wasted time searching for someone to assist you with your needs, hence quicker customer service. A work uniform reinforces trust and confidence in the company and its brand. Would you trust an electrician turning up to an appointment in your home if he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt compared to work pants and a embroidered polo shirt? Personal pride of an employee in a uniform is reflected by the trust the client has in that person and their company, all increasing customer service and satisfaction.

3. Walking advertisement
Logoed corporate clothing allows you to market your company and it becomes an extension of your brand. Employees have a greater sense of self pride when wearing well-designed corporate uniform and, in turn, a higher personal confidence in the uniform. Everywhere they go they are effectively a billboard for your business. Staff become free walking advertisements and let’s face it who doesn’t like free advertising.

4. Staff equality
Not all employees understand what appropriate work attire is and by wearing a corporate uniform it prevents someone from showing up in distracting or offensive garments. It removes awkward situations when management may need to speak to a staff member about personal clothing choices.

Corporate uniforms level the playing field for the people that wear them. Its starts in schools by preventing children from feeling more or less than their peers who would otherwise be wearing expensive or hand-me-down clothes. The same sense of equality translates into the workplace, as staff may occupy different levels in the chain of command, but when they are all dressed in the same uniform, there’s a greater sense of team spirit.

5. Team building
Most people underestimate the effect a well-designed work uniform can have on employees. It instils a sense of pride in their workplace and the work they do. It reinforces a team culture and let’s face it we all want to feel we are part of a successful team. By embracing the feeling of inclusion each member feels they have something to offer and a greater confidence in their abilities to contribute.

For all your uniform needs trust Devon Clothing. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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