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A well designed corporate uniform delivers many benefits to the company directors, staff and clients. However, how to decide on what the best uniform option is for the company requires time and planning. Don’t be daunted by the process as Devon Clothing can help you navigate through the options to find the best solution for your business.

Consider the five topics below and write a list answering as many questions as you can. At the end of this exercise you will have a greater understanding of your requirements.

Surprising Benefits A Corporate Uniform
Can Bring To Your Company

1.  Analyse the business

Look at the business and carefully consider why you are needing to implement a corporate uniform. Is it because team members are not wearing work suitable work attire? Have there been complaints about staff presentation? Are customers confused and unsure of who staff members are when they enter your premises? How do the customers expect staff to dress? Has staff safety become an issue?

Think about what kind of image you wish to portray to potential customers.

2.  Assess your industry

Clearly understand the industry you are in and where you sit in the spectrum against your competitors.

You feel you are lagging with an unpolished presentation? Are you in an industry that requires a formal uniform like tailored trousers/skirt and button through business shirts? Or is that too much and too unapproachable, would a good quality polo shirt be more suitable to your industry?

3.  Consult with the staff

It is important to consult with staff members from all levels in the business. Give them buy in so they have a greater sense of ownership when the uniform is rolled out. Understand their needs for the tasks they perform. Different levels in your business may have different requirements. For example, the sales team may need a more formal business uniform compared to the pick and pack team. After all you will want the staff to be comfortable and confident in their new workwear. This will result in increased staff morale and company pride.

4.  Men and women don’t have to wear the same

Don’t assume that men and women need to wear the same thing. These days there are many options for coordinating pieces suitable to both genders. You may like to set the colour of the trousers and skirts as black then offer a range of coordinating embroidered shirts and tops that maintain the brand integrity but offer some flexibility.

5.  Safety concerns

Are you at a point that employees are at risk of injury on the job? Has your warehouse increased and now has motorised fork lifts racing around putting staff in danger if they cannot be easily seen? Do any staff spend an extended amount of time outside where they require added sun protection? Take the time to carefully assess the safety of all employees and list what the needs are required to improve personal safety levels by way of corporate attire.

For all your uniform needs trust Devon Clothing. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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